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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Alive!

Indeed it is! The blog I mean. Thought this statement is (shockingly) also still valid for my attempt at an herb garden. But this is a whole different topic right there. Anyways, the blog is still alive and so am I (also shocking). And I plan on coming back full force very, very soon. The last three months have been very tough - I was finishing my thesis (which I turned in last Friday), hoping one day I will get to defend it (in two weeks!), all the while surviving on bagels, coffee and generous contributions of soup, risotto, and snacks from friends. Still I have many exciting things to write about - food, books, movies. And I have grandiose plans for after I am done - starting a garden, learning to make chocolates and cheese, and cooking for lots and lots of friends. On a shorter time-scale, I think some Dulce Sin Leche cupcakes would be nice; I plan on visiting the farmer's market this weekend to mine it for some fresh, bright, muddy spring greens, and maybe making a batch of bread to utilize my house-mate's brand new, oh so pretty, birthday present - a red Kitchenaid!

Be back in a bit!

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