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Monday, June 8, 2009

Where to Shop & Eat in Pasadena, CA

I have recently moved to Pasadena, CA and I am still trying to figure out where to shop. King Ranch has definitely become one of my favorites - they have wonderful bread, varied produce, awesome cheese and jalapeno sandwiches and cupcakes with radioactive-blue frosting. I rarely ever buy cupcakes, buy this one had to be mine - I had to have this Superman ring at all cost (50c it turned out). Trader Joe's is definitely a staple. Whole Foods is good for a splurge and special things (like fancy cheese, rennet, pectin). Any other recommendations? Recommendations on Middle-Eastern stores and stores which specialize in great produce would be particularly welcome.

I have found two great Farmer's Markets nearby - the one at Victory park on Saturday mornings and a smaller but still very cute one in Sierra Madre on Wednesday evenings (before 7pm). They are both very affordable and have an abundance of fresh produce as well as fancy goods. I have been thinking of trying out a CSA but haven't quite mustered up the courage yet. I might be interested in sharing a share (or even half a share) because on my own I eat very little. Any advise? Volunteers for sharing?

I haven't had much of a chance to explore the restaurants in town yet, but I've had fantastic luck with vegan and Salvadorian food. I heavily recommend My Vegan and La Caravana! Send suggestions my way!

Follow up: Just today I saw the NY Times article about Persian restaurants and markets in LA. Woot! My friend Sabrina has for long recommended me the LA Persian food. I might just have to try some.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find rennet (tablets) and citric acid for making homemade mozarella cheese. Any suggestions for where i can find these babies? I called Whole Foods and a few others, but they all denied having these guys!

Ivastar said...

I found them at a beer brewing store. Whole Foods (here in LA at least) carries liquid vegetable rennet. Online might be your best bet.