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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just finished my lunch - a tomato-ricotta-pesto sandwich on french bread roll - when I came across this: Scanwiches. Ahhhh.... ain't it beautiful?

From there I found an article about sandwiches in the Washington Post here. And from there - a book about meal-worthy sandwiches - 'wichcraft by Tom Colichio.

And then down the winding lane of my thoughts, I remembered I had seen an amazing blog post about grilled cheese sandwiches. Finally, I started to wonder about the other staple American sandwich - the PBJ. What other variations are there? Here are some ideas and one more. Wow! I like the idea of fresh fruit (apples or kiwi) and I'll be curious to try the PB & cabbage one. Hmmm. Any other suggestions for grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwiches?

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bjswift said...

It's widely known that Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich was the peanut butter & banana. Delicious!