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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today at the grocery store I overheard the following conversation between two people who, for all I know, were complete strangers: "How are you today?" a woman asked a man. "I am blessed. Thank you!" he answered. This answer reminded me that despite the stress and worry that have clouded my thoughts these days, I, too, am blessed. So I sat down on one of the concrete tables in front of the store and ate my cheese and jalapeno sandwich thinking just how blessed I am. My family is well; I did graduate after all; and I still have a job; my friends are well (and I miss them all very much); my dog is well; I do have a roof over my head (and a crazy landlord, oh well); my seedlings are growing; and I had just bought food for the week for $15. Did I mention I am broke too? Hence the CupNoodles. I would like to think of them as backup. I considered going on a PBJ diet where P is TJ's peanut butter, J is homemade strawberry jam and the boundary conditions are home-made bread, but I slept in and missed the Farmer's Market strawberries. Plan B is homemade ricotta and tomatoes (those I did get from the Market) sandwiches on 25c french bread rolls - doesn't sound all that bad, does it?

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